What Are Little Girls Made Of? Bra

sugar-n-spiceCourtney McBreen, niece of our Founder and Board Member,  Beth Cherkowsky (AKA Woadieland on eBay) donated this amazing Sugar & Spice Bra which is sooooo sweet!

What are little girls made of?  We all know the answer… Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice, and hopefully they never ever have to deal with Breast Cancer! 
You can help make that happen by bidding on this adorable art bra by Courtney McBreen.

Everything you would picture on a girly girl bra is here, lace, pearls, polka dots and even cake on top!
All the right colors are used from the lacey white to hot pink and black and white… and don’t forget the rhinestones!
This gently used 44D bra is by Cacique.
Included in the photos is a close up shot of the back so you can see the darling black sequin braid on one side and all the lace on the other.

This bra is signed by the artist inside the back strap as an added touch!

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