Vote for the Calendar Bras!

We would like to start a new tradition here at Bling My Bra – we’d like to make a calendar that all of our supporters can purchase and help remember our campaign all year long. The problem is that we have a LOT more than 12 bras!  How in the world can we choose just 12 to feature!

Kat has put together a simple sample calendar on Zazzle – trying to choose appropriate bras for each month! But there are so many – so we’d like YOU to vote and the top 12 bras will be chosen for the final, official calendar design.

Since we have Sooooo many to choose from – unless a friend can recommend a good WordPress or Facebook Poll system (I couldn’t find one to work with photos!) we’ll do it via the comments here!

First Question – Should we do this by month?  IE what bra do you think is perfect for Fresh Starts, the Month of January?  Or should we just put ALLLL the bras from 2010 up for a vote and the top 12 vote getters will make it?

What do YOU think?

please leave a comment!

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8 comments to Vote for the Calendar Bras!

  • Kathy Moretti

    I think the Top 12 Highest Winning Bid Bras should be featured

  • Suzanne Cottone

    1. Yes by month
    2. do they all have to be the same? If not upload bras of our choice?
    It would then be personalized for each buyer.

    This is a Wonderful idea Kat!

  • katskloset
    Twitter: blingmybra

    Thank you BOTH for comments – I’ve got the page going! And great idea Suzanne because Zazzle will allow you to personalize! So we’ll do it both ways maybe!

  • Janet Zeh

    I also like the idea of having one calendar of the top 12 highest winning bids and in addition one that can be put together by the buyer. That would be fun.

    Great idea to do a calendar!

  • Mr.Bigfoot
    Twitter: MisterBigfoot

    Gee if I had known there was going to be a calendar, I would have photographed me WEARING the one that I made. Perhaps that should be a requirement next year.

    By the way, I would look stunning as a bra model!

  • katskloset
    Twitter: blingmybra

    Janet – thanks so much for the confirmation – love the idea of offering both through Zazzle – hope I can figure it out!

    Bryan – you’re hired – I have some Ugly Christmas Sweaters you’d be perfect for 🙂

  • Bruce

    I think you should take all the bras divided by 12 and make 12 monthly collages that way everyone’s bra get’s featured in the calendar…just a thought…Bruce

  • katskloset
    Twitter: blingmybra

    Bruce – that is another great idea – hmmmm will have to work that one in!