Vicki Conley Donates She Sells Sea Shells Down by the Seashore Bra

She Sells Seashells Bra

She Sells Sea Shells Down By the Seashore Bra by Vicki Conley of pictureitthere and clubseabreezeescapes.
This bra is an Ambrielle Brand, size 40D. Here we have Sea Shells covering one full size padded cup and a sandy beach on the other side.
What great wall art this would be for you. You can just picture yourself in Cozumel on the beach.
Pictured as a swimming pool and hot tub is an awesome Aqua Blue Puka Shell necklace set. We’ve got a silver starfish charm and a multi-colored lei.
Also included is an adorable hand crafted Adrionak chair that any Barbie Doll would love to have, complete with a matching parasol umbrella.


  This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Vicki Conley, who is known as pictureithere and clubseabreezeescapes here on eBay.   Vicki is an avid eBay seller and also runs a side business from home selling low cost/high benefit travel memberships.

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