Uncle Griff Donates Manssiere Man-bra and Hummel Hammer

Griff's Man Bra

Man-Bra Manssiere Autographed Griff BONUS
So you thought you had seen just about everything in this Bling My Bra campaign, right?
Well guess again because here we have the FIRST ever Manssiere and autographed by none other than Uncle Griff of eBay Radio.
Now those of you that know Griff understand the hammer being offered as a special bonus . . . and those that don’t  – well, Griff has a special affection for those cute little figurines called hummels, an affection so strong he just can’t help himself but to smash them with a hammer when he gets near them! Yep, that’s right, you are getting The Official Hummel Smashingn Hammer as a bonus with this bra!
The pink satin fabric and adorable daisies are just icing on the cake as you bid on this piece of Bling My Bra history!
Somewhere there is circulating unpublished video of Griff modeling this lovely concotion at the Chicagoland eBay Sellers meet-up – a reward is being offered for this footage and if acquired, it will be included as another BONUS for the winning bidder 🙂
Uncle Griff Logo
This beautiful Bra was designed and made by fabulous bra artist Valerie Faber and sponsored by none other than Uncle Griff, eBay’s very FIRST customer service employee.  Check out his eBay store Uncle Griff’s Closet.
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