The Social Networking Nanny’s For the Love of Football

Lanae, the Social Networking Nanny, sent us a gSocial Networking Nannyorgeous Elle Macpherson Pink bra all blinged out for the Football Lover.

Here is what she had to say about the inspiration for the bra, “I have had a love of football since a child, watching the Minnesota Vikings with my Dad on Sundays after church.  During relocations in my marriage the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts earned places in our hearts as well.  My Dad is a 20+ yr cancer survivor, and my Mom just beat cancer for the 4th time.  Finding a cure for any kind of cancer is something I hope to see.”

TheSocial Networking Nanny helps small businesses into the world of Social Networking via Facebook and Twitter, including Fan page & Twitter business ID set-ups, build-ups, and tutorials.

You can find Lanae on  Twitter, Facebook or her Blog.

Check out the Unboxing video made when her creation arrived!

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