The Savvy Seller Donates Hoot For a Cure Owl Bra

hoot-for-a-cureThe Savvy Seller, Marlene Gavens donated this handmade One-Of-A-Kind art piece. ‘Hoot For a Cure’ to match her Savvy Seller Logo, the Owl!


Who gives a Hoot for a Cure – The Savvy Owl of course! 
Brought to you by Who?  Well none other than the Savvyseller.

Our wise friend in the center is made of leather and he is surrounded by earthtone feathers with beads dangling from the bottom.
The bra itself is a 38C underwire.
The Savvy Buyer will bid early and bid high to win this fine feathered friend!


This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Marlene Gavens, who is known as the.savvy.seller here on eBay. Please visit her eBay store The Savvy Seller Store. Marlene is also one of our 2010 Board of Directorsand we are very grateful for her work this year!

Here is the arrival video for the Hooters Bra (Play on Words, sorry I couldn’t resist, Marlene!)

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