The Original Press Release 2009

Beth Cherkowsky

Levittown Pa. 19056

For Immediate Release:October 23, 2009

Support Breast Cancer Research during October 2009 – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Since September 24th and virtually every day in October, 2009, a network of eBay, Bonanzle and Internet sellers have created and auctioned “art bras” thru the “BLING MY BRA” campaign to raise money for breast cancer research. During October 2009, which is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we have run and will continue to run one or more eBay auctions per day of “Art Bras”: creative confections with themes that are beautiful, funny, and inventive, created by artists and craftspeople. These have celebrated the military, their favorite hobbies (such as bowling and offroading), Moms, eBay, comic books, baseball, and Halloween, among other themes. (Pictures available upon request.)

Some notable eBay and internet celebrities joining the action by donating Fantasy Bras include the original motivator, Jim Griffith of eBay and eBay Radio and his co-host Lee Mirabal, John “ColderIce” Lawson of eBay store and website http:www.3rdPowerOutlet.comand which is John’s ColderIce Blog; Janelle Elms, visionaire of the Online Success Institute and OSI Rock Stars (, a nationally renowned eBay and Internet educator; Paypal Jason of eBay and PayPal, host of PayPal Radio on; and eBetsy, an eBay celebrity, eBay Education Specialist, and Contributing Editor to eBay Radio. Griff signed on art bra and John Donahoe signed one.

Auctions are listed by eBay seller WOADIELAND, Beth Cherkowsky of Levittown Pa, through her eBay store “” Or this url – . Additional auctions and Fixed Price listings are available from Melinda Jackson of galleriagifts on eBay and Bev England of video-towne on eBay.

All proceeds which to date amount to $600, – 100% of the sale price — of these auctions will go to Susan G. Komen For the Cure– Headquarters, certified by eBay Giving Works since 2003, MissionFish nonprofit ID 939, through Giving Works. (More information about eBay Giving Works is available at HYPERLINK “”

Some of the other eBay sellers involved include:

Bev England, a Chicago-area eBay seller (id samican2), who assisted in recruiting artists, sponsors and eBay celebrities to autograph themed bras, including eBay CEO John Donahoe.

Additional support came from Janelle Elms of Special thanks goes to eBay seller VMKinnovation ( – who is donating a special DoLife hat that will be included in each auction. The DoLife symbol celebrates Life and offers hope. It’s pink and white color supports the “PINK IN OCTOBER theme of Breast Cancer Awareness month which is October, 2009..

Kevin Reeth and Paul O’Brien, the founders of “”, online bookkeeping made easy.

Melinda Jackson, ebay seller GalleriaGifts who is providing marketing and seo support. Her store is .

Information and pictures of the donated fantasy bras and their creators will be available here: There is a slideshow of all the bras currently donated here:” This webpage also will include links to each auction as it’s launched and information on the proceeds of each auction. Please join us regularly between September 24, 2009 and October 31, 2009 for truely unique creations.and bid generously to help fight Breast Cancer.


Much thanks to Beth Cherkowsky, Cindy Shebley and Betsy Bolger for getting this together and to Ina Steiner for getting it ‘on the wire’

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