The Elf’s Closet Bra by Jordan Luxembourger


Elf Bra The bra is a one-size small stretch bra in a forest green.  Jordan Luxembourger


Jordan Luxembourger, Elfcloset, is a second generation Ebay seller and has recently opened her own specialty shop of trendy teen fashions with all the right labels! 
She is a college freshman working her way through school with Ebay.  Need to shop for a picky teen?  She has all the right stuff!


This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Jordan Luxembourger who is known as elfcloset here on eBay. Please visit her eBay store The Elf’s Closet

Even An Elf Has a Closet by Jordan Luxembourger.

This little creation comes right from The Elf’s Closet,  created by Jordan Luxembourger of Elfcloset on eBay.

 This petite bra is adorned with ivy leaves and delicate flowers. Looks like something an elf would pull right from their closet.

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