Terapeak Donates Wacoal 36C Blinged Bra by RESEARCH!

Terapeak Bra

Gorgeous and Elegant 36C by Terapeak.

Hi! It’s Denise from Terapeak. I’m excited to participate in this fundraiser – it’s rare I get to do something so girly around the Terapeak offices!
To start, I knew I wanted to do something arty but wearable, and contribute an item that people would bid big $$$ on, so I started with RESEARCH! Using the Hot Searches on Terapeak, I discovered the most searched for size (36C) and one of the higher priced brands (Wacoal). I also checked out more general search terms and noticed that Swarovski crystals are really popular.
Within minutes, I had my bra and bling plan. Armed with my new understanding of the eBay bra market, I hit up a local outlet store and scored a great deal on a pretty lace Wacoal bra.
Over at the craft store, I fitted myself with a hot fix crystal setter, a bevy of Swarovski hot fix bling, and I was ready for business…
And now I leave this beautiful, one of a kind, edition of ONE, Terapeak bra to the highest bidder!
Remember this is for a great cause, AND if you take the Terapeak pin off this will be a sweet little bra you can wear anytime!!
Terapeak Logo

This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Denise Hogue of Terapeak.
Terapeak is the eBay Market Research site. We provide research on 365 days of closed listings, 2 years of category trends, and hot products data to help you make more money on each sale.  A small number of us on staff wear bras, but everyone on staff supports breast cancer research!


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