Remember the Families

While we are getting ramped up ‘Blinging’ those bras – we will always keep in mind the families that this horrible diseases touches. Some are stronger than ever, while others have just been devastated with the turmoil caused by dealing with a diagnosis of Breast Cancer.

This is the Dave Winfield family. Dave played major league baseball and was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2001, the very first year he was eligible. Dave lost his mother to Breast Cancer in 1988 and this year, in 2010, is working with and the Susan G. Komen Foundation to raise awareness of this disease. Winfield will appear at baseball events throughout 2010, including the Little League World Series where he threw out the first pitch Aug. 23, as part of the campaign.

Dave’s goal is help the foundation extend their reach, educate and motivate people to become aware of breast cancer and what steps they can take — everything from early detection to where to go to find answers. If you go to, you’ll not only find information, but will make a contribution to the cause. We’re looking to raise not only awareness for millions of people but raise millions of dollars and is making a sizable contribution to make sure that happens.

Hat tip to Beth Cherkowsky for sending in this Article.

There are many faces out there working to raise awareness and we salute them all. Do your part – go “Bling” that bra 🙂

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