Red Feather Winery and Wi-Fi Present Wine Lover’s Bra

Wine-Fi BraBlack  Wine Lovers Bra by Marianne Taitano of Wine-Fi
Charming is what I would call this blinged bra by Wine-Fi.
Yes those are real wine charms adorning this black 42DD bra that represents Red Feather Vinery of Livermore, CA
Finding the cure for breast cancer would certainly be an occassion for a toast of fine wine now wouldn’t it? 
You can help make that possible by bidding high!
This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Marianne Taitano, who is known as wine-fi here on eBay. Please visit her eBay store Wine-Fi is not just another Wine accessory e-commerce site. Our goal is to be your first stop.
We are going to provide you as many products and relevant connections as possible. scours the web for unique and quality Wine accessories so you don’t have to. 
We develop relationships, make the initial purchases or directly link to product we believe may be of interest.   Don’t be surprised if you end up at a Wine-Fi Partner site, it’s all about the most variety and quality!
Wine accessories are not’s only focus.
We also have scoured the web for Entertainment such as, Games, Movies, TV Shows and Music related to Wine.  Our “Vino Info “ is a growing resource for the novice, Home Wine Maker or any Wine lover looking for a little more information to supplement your Wine passion.
So pour yourself a nice glass of your favorite Wine, relax and give a browse!


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