Pink Flamingo Bra by Chelsea Andersen

Pink Flamingo
Pink Flamingo

Lift the girls up while finding a cure with this Add-a-Cup bra from Victoria’s Secret! This bra has over 125 ribbons covering the cups that I have created and added myself. It is a beautiful piece of art and is completely wearable as well. This would be perfect for your next “Walk for the Cure” to show off your style and support! I absolutely love this bra and am sad to see it go! My grandmother is a 2 time breast cancer survivor and I am excited to know that once a cure is found I will have been a part of something huge, I hope you will as well! I made sure there were 125 ribbons-5 for ever 5 years that my grandmother has battled breast cancer.

Chelsea Andersen

I am the oldest granddaughter of a 2 time breast cancer survivor which is why this cause is so important to me! I have been married to my wonderful husband for 3 years. We own a cute dog named Delilah and are currently trying to find our little baby to adopt. I don’t know if you can put this into our listing but here is a link to our adoption profile:


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