Page Mage Donates eBay Tribute Past & Present Bra + Gemstone NECKLACE!

Page Mage BraChris Taylor and the folks at Page Mage have been over-the-top supportive of the Bling My Bra campaign this year and we are extremely grateful for all their help with publicity, marketing and more. In addition to this Funky and Fun Concept bra – Chris’ wife made a REAL genuine Gemstone Necklace in the eBay logo colors to go along with it! Page Mage Necklace

The Necklace is being auctioned of along with the strapless bra A’la Madonna or Lady Gaga Style! Retail value of the necklace is $120.

The necklace was made by Judy Taylor Designs. Judy has been making jewelry with semi-precious stones and glass beads for over 10 years. She designs and handmakes everything herself. Most are unique designs that aren’t duplicated.

Find her on eBay: JudyTaylorDesigns and Etsy.

Page Mage helps eBay sellers create better listings for bigger profits.

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