Other Bra Art Sites

Bling My Bra for eBay began in 2009 and so did another group.

Here is another version of raising money to fight breast cancer by auctioning Art Bras! This one is from the Denver, CO area!  You can click on the logo to visit their Gallery of Bras for more ideas but I picked one to share here.

Early BirdThis is called ‘The Early Bird’ and I thought it was pretty amazing.  Here is what the Artist has to say:

Brittany Baker, designer

“This project not only sounded like a ton of fun, but I also really wanted to participate to help raise funds for breast research and education because every little bit helps!

I named my bra ‘The Early Bird’ to remind people that early detection of that ugly little worm we call cancer, can help save many lives.”

*This bra features a working clock!   Meet the Artist

This website gave me some great ideas for our own site and I hope you can find some ideas for your own bra art here!

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