Merlee Escobar Donates Lovin’ Hooters Bra

Lovin' Hooter Bra

Lovin’ Hooters by Merlee Escobar.

“This idea came from my husband. We were both in the swim team in High School, and our kids wanted us to have a swimming competition to see who would win. He wanted to go to Hooters if he won, and I would get a $100 shopping spree. He won and I lost, but being the good husband that he is, he turned down his reward and took the whole family out to the movies. I blinged this bra for him! Honey, this is all the Hooters you’re gonna get! 🙂
My family understand how important it is to be aware of Breast Cancer. 
Cancer is a big concern to us. My mother passed away August, 10th 1992 from breast cancer.  She was young, loving, and a very special woman. I lost her to breast cancer when I was very young.  I don’t want my daughters to go through what I went through.  I miss my mom with all my heart! I love you Mama! “



From the Artist: “I’m part of the eBay team. I’ve worked for eBay for 9 years now. I’m currently an account manager for the Motors department. Go Motors!!! We’ve been invited to participate in the Bling My Bra campaign, and I’ve decided to submit my work-of-art.  I’m excited to take John Donahoe’s challenge and participate this year.  “The eBay employee whose specially-decorated bra sells for the most money will win an iPad”.
I challenge everyone who’s ever bought or sold on eBay Motors to donate on my bras! Lovin’ Hooter and Save the Boo Bees!”

Merlee Escobar

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