Lisa Rosato-Donahue Donates Snow Princess Bra by 7 Year old Molly

 snow Princess Bra

The Snow Princess Bra

The Snow Princess Bra was designed and constructed by 7 year old Molly.

It serves as a reminder of the individual, sacred beauty all women innately possess.
Our wish is that people will become aware of the impact of environmental pathogens on the rate of breast cancer so we can minimize the scope and impact of this disease for future generations.
This bra has been hand-sewn together for display on an included white satin padded hanger, but is easily modified for wear (34).
Features hand-placed crystals, white feathers, and shimmering snowflake.

This beautiful Bra was designed and made by 7 year old Molly and submitted by Lisa Rosato-Donahue, an eBay employee. 


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