John Lawson of ColderICE Donates Bert & Ernie Sesame Street Bra

Bert & Ernie Bra

Bert & Ernie by John ColderICE Lawson

Even the beloved Sesame Street muppets are behind the fight for breast cancer.  This adorable creation features Bert on one cup and Ernie on the other complete with their curly hair and unibrow!
3rd Power Outlet
This beautiful Bra was designed and made by John Lawson, who is known as 3rdpoweroutlet on eBay. Please visit his eBay store 3rd Power Outlet. Visit 3rd Power Outlet on the Web, also. 

John Lawson is an eCommerce expert that specializes in small business social marketing. John is the president/CEO of 3rd Power Outlet, Inc. and founder of the industry famous blog at


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