Janene Hoffman Donates Rock ‘n Pair Bra with Hard Rock Cafe Pins eBay Live 2007

Rock 'n Pair Bra

Rock ‘n Pair by Janene Hoffman.

This Bra is adorned with a full set of Hard Rock Café Special edition eBay live 2007 Pins. 
The set is 5 guitar pins on with a spinning eBay logo.  
It is perfect for the Rock n’ Roll junkie. 
It is Black with Pink fringe and in addition to these hard to find set of pins it sparkles with gems. 
That’s right folks it is bejeweled.

This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Janene Hoffman, who is an eBay employee.
From the artist, “My name is Janene Hoffman.  I go by Hoff most of the time. I work for eBay and spend most of my free time remodeling my home.  I always have some project going on, my house is one big constant project.  This is the last time I buy a home that “has potential”.  I kid, I really do love taking something old and making it new or finding a use for it again.”

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