How To Create an Art Bra

How To Create an Art Bra


First, understand that “ART BRAS” are just that – works of art. They are meant primarily for display. They are at their finest mounted either in a shadowbox-type mounting or if you’re already stretched to your limit creatively by participating in creating the art bra — and have no “brain cells” left to devote to the mounting, then go buy a padded satin hanger. (This is a link to a search for padded hangers, not an endorsement of any particular seller)

So here are the steps to your magnificent creation:

  1. Ok, first, you buy a new bra (try the dollar store – or other discount shopping delight of your choosing!)
  2. Now you decorate it. I’ve seen them with feathers, flowers, hot wheels, Nascar-themed fabric, sequins, beads, glitter, and studs. If you can hot glue it or sew it on, you’re good to go.
  3. If in doubt, just go OVER the top – this is for ART’s sake (and charity, too, of course!) However, if you totally have brain fog, just use the ubiquitous search engine of choice and search on the term “how to make an art bra”. We’ve put together a slideshow of pictures of some of the past masterpieces, as well as a photo gallery for more ideas, too.
  4. Now, sew the back to the front through the center piece between the cups. You can “pad” or “stuff” the cups or just stiffen with either bonding material, starch or any other material that strikes your fancy.
  5. Now sew the straps together from just above the cups to approx 2-3″ from the top.
  6. The final step is to put the straps over that satin hanger and tack the strap to the hanger. Adjust everything (you know that NO bra is ever “perfect” and they all have to be “adjusted” periodically right?)
  7. At this point you might be done. OR if you want a really “permanent installation” you take the hanger and bra and mount them in the shadow box (preferably one that’s got pink ribbons or is pink itself – remember we have a theme going here!)
  8. Submit it for auction – see our “How Can I Help” page for all the juicy details.

Thank You

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