How Can You Help?

FIRST: We need bras! If you have an idea for a
themed art bra — or perhaps you have a celebrity connection to get an
autograph on a bra — we need you! Bras can be crafted out of whatever
strikes your fancy, using a plain bra to build yours upon. And you can make more than one…please contact us IMMEDIATELY if you’d like to contribute a bra or bras as our deadline to receive them this year (2011) is September 25th! Please email if you have any questions and for the information about where to send your bra!

When you mail your bra(s), please also send an email to including the following information:

  • a photo of you or your logo
  • a two-line bio
  • link to your eBay store or listings
  • the name of your bra
  • any keywords about your bra
  • any story or description you would like us to include in the listing
  • A short video of yourself talking about or
    modeling the bra, or your creative process/making the bra that can be
    uploaded to YouTube, then embedded in the auction page.

You will be notified upon receipt of the above information, with thanks and an acknowledgment of your donation, and your information will be included in our Artists/Designers custom eBay store pages as well as in the eBay listing for your bra.

If you need ideas, please go to the photo page for more photos.

NEXT: We need you to tell your friends, your relatives and even your frenemies! We need for people to know about Bling My Bra, and word of mouth is our only advertising budget. All of the money raised by these eBay Giving Works auctions goes to our chosen charity, Susan G. Komen for the Cure. We run purely on volunteer time and energy and do not have any sort of funding.

ALSO: If you know someone in your local media, we could use their help too. If you have a blog, we would be delighted to do an interview, send pictures or even write a guest post for you.

FINALLY: Most of all, we need your financial support for this important cause. You can bid on Bling My Bra’s handcrafted one-of-a-kind themed art bras at our eBay store Bling My Bra, or choose to simply make a donation of $10, $25 or $50. Please rest assured that 100% of your money will go straight to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Please friend us on Facebook at; follow @BlingMyBra on Twitter; subscribe to our store newsletter; and visit our eBay store, Bling My Bra.

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