Hive Full of Honey Donated by Lisa Rosato-Donahue

Hive Full O honey braHive Full O’ Honey by Lisa Rosato-Donahue

The Hive Full O’ Honey Set was designed in honor of a young mother recently diagnosed with breast cancer in the 6th month of pregnancy.

Mastectomy and treatments with (not one but two) babies in tow aren’t going to stop her—she’s one HOT MAMA!

This bra has been hand-sewn together for display on an included black velvet hanger, but is easily modified for wear (36D) with the matching ultra-mini skirt thong (XL).

Features multi-color machine embroidery, hand-placed crystals, gold foil bees, queen bee ornament, and faux flower.

This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Lisa Rosato-Donahue, who is an eBay employee.

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