Heal Me Bra by Kerry Boozenny ElegantKB

Kerry Boozenny Bling My Bra received a wonderful bra donation from Kerry Boozenny of ElegantKB.  Kerry’s eBay user ID is elegantkb and her eBay Store is Elegant KB Classic Collectible Custom.

Kerry is a green eBay seller and Education Specialist trained by eBay. She sells vintage patterns, collectibles and eBay classes.

Kerry’s Bra is titled ‘Heal Me’ and here is the description of the Art Bra:

“This bra is hand crafted from items on hand in our studio.  As a designer, this is my first time working with duct tape.  I am pleasantly surprised at how well it shapes and holds.  It is about a size 8, or 34 B. This art bra sends a message through the words I drew by hand
on the bra cups.  These words came to me as I remember friends who have fought breast cancer.  I live in Marin County California where the rate of breast cancer cases is one of  the highest in the nation.  Last week another woman I know had a lumpectomy.  I say “”Feel me!”” to raise awareness of self exams.  Know your breasts because early detection helps. one of my friends had a lumpectomy not a mastectomy because her cancer was caught early.  I say “”See Me!”” to put a face on this disease.  I see all of my friends faces as I write this.  I say
“”Touch me!”” as I think of how this disease touches a community, a family, a mother, a daughter.  And from my heart I say “”Heal me!””  as a plea to find cure.  Please bid on my art bra. ”

Kerry even created a You Tube Video of her bra and sent it to us, thank you, Kerry!

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