Guardian Angel Bra by Serina Anhorn of eBay

Guardian AngelsYou have two Guardian Angels
Who watches over you
Everywhere you go
And everything you do.

These gentle, silent helpers
Are there to be your guide
To shelter and protect you,
And for you to walk beside.

Your Angels will always help you
Whenever things go wrong,
They’ll be the wings beneath your feet
As Life’s path you walk along
Feel this calming presence
Be enfolded by its love
And let your life be guided
By an angel from above.


This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Serina Anhorn, who is an employee at eBay.
From the artist: “My name is Serina Anhorn; I’ve worked at eBay since Sept 1999.  I love participating in activities that support a great cause.  We all have cancer stories in our life right now and if we all pitch in a few dollars, we can make a huge difference.”

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