Gloria’s Bra – A GHOST is helping us!! Bra #25

So my friend Bev England – who sells on eBay as Samican or Grandma Bev’s lost her mom to Breast Cancer quite a while back.  And when we started this campaign Bev jumped in whole-heartedly.  She’s worked her fingers, computer keyboard and camera to the bone for 3 campaigns now, listing, promoting, calling people and strong-arming celebrities to sign bras (and ebay people.  Ebay employees know better than to show up in Chicago in September or October without a pen.


This year Bev is listing about 25 bras and as she got to the last one last night… well here is her version


Here’s the Bra  Scheduled to start on 10/4 8am Pacific time



Bling My Bra Gloria Georgy Vladimirov Perl Hacker Breast Cancer Hot Pink 34 B


Made by “Perl Hacker”


Bling My Bra – Gloria

This bra was created by Georgy Vladimirov, a Perl Hacker who cares about social causes.

Per Georgy …. This is a “second date” bra. Gloria like to be paired with pink thongs and garters. Let Gloria remind you about all brave women fighting breast cancer. Happy Bidding!

The bra is hot pink and is decorated with silver and blue beading / rhinestones.

The bra is a 34 B.

Still can’t believe that this was the last bra I listed. My mom’s name is Gloria Mae Neumann England.  And as I said before, Bev’s mom died of Breast Cancer

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