Fireangel & Macaroni Jewelry donate The Love Slave Set

Love Slave Set  What a GREAT concept!  Katie Ragland of Macaroni Jewelry and Michelle “Fireangel” Simpson of Deja Vu Postcards combine on this winning set!

 Katie Ragland of Macaroni Jewelry is a military spouse and the proud stay-at-home mother of two sons. In her spare time she enjoys designing jewelry.

Check out the description of their donation!

Who could resist this boldly red, enticingly decorated, waist length bra made by Intimate Attitudes and blinged by Katie Ragland of Macaroni Jewelry.   Being a size 40, it’s a must for the full-figured.  Both made and blinged in the U.S.A., it is a well-crafted blend of innocent seductivity and taboo.   Two fiery dragon pendants adorn the bra which is 62% Vinyl Cloride, 28% Polyester, and 10% Poly-urethana.  Diminishing the severity of these dragon are the rows of delicate chains adorned with numerous black and clear Swarovski crystals. And of course the whole affect would be incomplete without the four garders to support just the right pair of hose. To finish off the attitude, add two matching slave bracelets with more chains, lusterous crystals, and teasing dragons.

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