Family Nite Movies & Video Town Donate Bra and Autographed Soooo Shirt

Video Town Bra

Bling My Bra Art Video Movie Madness 

  Butter that popcorn and settle in to watch the show as we fight for a cure!
Video-town and familynitemovies brings you this outrageously orange movie themed art bra complete with popcorn, sequins and a movie reel patch.
The 28A bra is new with tags.
BONUS  So Shirt Back
eBay Culture dictates that employees begin the answer to every question with, “So . . .  . “
Bev England and other eBay radio listeners discovered this and  Kat Simpson began a drinking game (WATER!) at the eBay On Location event in Atlanta to tease them.
Bev had this shirt made and wore it to the eBay Radio Party in Vegas and again to the eBay On Location event in Chicago to gather signatures of those ‘caught’ using the phrase in person!
Among the folks ‘Caught In the SOOOO Act’ were ELVIS, John ColderICE Lawson, and Uncle Griff!
Other signatures identified so far are: ‘Dreamy’ Dinesh, Amanda Thomas, RBH, @eBay_Andy, @laurelebay, Lee Mirabal, Mindy B., Cindy Shebley, Carolyn CJ Jacinto, eBetsy, Jeff Terrell, and T-Bone.
We have been unable to identify the perpetrator who insisted that HIS name had to go on the front of the shirt. A $5 reward is being offered for his identity – please use the ‘ask seller a question’ function to help us identify this person and others we couldn’t read!



This beautiful Bra was sponsored by Bill & Lisa Ciske, who are known as FamilyNiteMoviesVideo-Town here on eBay. Please visit their eBay stores Family Nite Movies & Video-Town
Bill and Lisa Ciske have been selling on eBay since January of 2001. They specialize in older VHS movies.
This bra is very small – a 28A – in honor of The Markdown Manager who recently came over to the adult stores on eBay.




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