Cupcake-a-Licious Bra by Mindy Galanis

Cupcake-a-licious Bra

Cupcake-a-licious Bra by Mindy Galanis.

Brand new never worn. This cupcake inspired bra will be sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth!
The front is adorned with two sequined cupcakes on each cup.
The straps are knitted with a very soft and comfortable yarn that adds a very “sweet” touch! 
This bra is not only very “tasty”, but is very wearable!



This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Mindy Galanis, who is an eBay employee.
Please visit her eBay store Designs-By-Mindy
I am an eBay employee who has always been passionate about eBay and our community. I am soo happy to be able to participate in this program as this was a perfect way for me to use my creativity skills and also give back in a very unique way to great cause. I thoroughly enjoyed Blinging by Bra!


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