Courtney McBreen Donates Party Hearty Cocktail Bra

party-heartyCourtney McBreen, niece of our Founder and Board Member,  Beth Cherkowsky (AKA Woadieland on eBay) donated this amazing Party Hearty bra – too amazing!

This Party Hearty Bra will have you drinking a toast to that party we will have when a cure for breast cancer is found.

This art bra is adorned with lovely embellishments of yellow ruffles, faux pearl accents and 3-D appliques of champagne and beverage glasses as well as  pineapple drinks.  Pink eyelash yarn accents each cup for a festive look.

The base is a turquoise color Fruit of the Loom 36B bra.
Created with love by Courtney McBreen
Here is the arrival video for Courtney’s Bra

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