Chemo Scarves by English Traditions

English Traditions Chemo Scarves Bling my Bra received a very generous donation of four Chemo Scarves from Kathy English of English Traditions.

Bid on the first scarf on eBay.

Each scarf will be auctioned off separately for our campaign. Kathy English has a great story on her website about how she began making and selling these scarves.

Chemo Hat CherriesChemo Hat PinkChemo Hat RedChemo Hat Pink Ribbon

“I developed these scarves as a way of helping out a friend going through chemotherapy.

When a member of my family was diagnosed with ovarian cancer I felt helpless.  There wasn’t much I could do to help her, so like any woman I went shopping.  I looked for a hat for her to wear while she went through her chemotherapy treatments. I was frustrated trying to find something that was fun and different to wear.  I purchased several turbans, which she wore, to bed, but not in public.  I wanted to do more than just give her something for bed ~ but I couldn’t blame her ~ turbans aren’t my style either.  Just because she had cancer why would she want to wear turbans?

Later a good friend went through chemotherapy and I decided I had to take action.  As a quilter I have a love of fabrics.  I went to the store and purchased different fabrics and made her scarves that were pre-folded with elastic in the back to hold them in place on her head.  I surprised her by sending her a package full of pre-folded scarves.

The timing was perfect; after watching her hair fall out little by little she decided to cut her hair short the day before the package arrived.

Scarves and bandannas hadn’t been working, and now it was even worse.  It was tricky to get them tied right and just plain frustrating.  They never stayed put and now that her hair was short they didn’t do a good job of covering her head.

She loved the idea of the different fabrics and she helped me adapt the pattern with several improvements.  It was her recommendation to pink the seams, not surge them as it irritated her scalp.  I make the scarves out of 100% cotton for comfort.

My goal is to provide you with an alternative from a turban with a fun scarf for you or your loved one.

Cancer, chemotherapy and the loss of hair can be traumatic and I hope these scarves make it a little bit easier to deal with.”

Kathy’s eBay user ID is EnglishTraditions and you should check our her store here English Traditions Chemo Scarves.

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