Anita Fontana Dedicates her Bra to Lee Mirabel and husband John Sell

Wow! I was in for a surprise when I opened today’s mail. One of our returning Artists, Anita Fontana, who last year created the Rainbow Beach bra Rainbow Beach BraAnita Fontanahas submitted another winner. This one is a first for the Bling My Bra campaign as Anita decided to actually DEDICATE her bra to someone. Love this idea!

Here is what Anita wrote in her enclosed note: “This bra is dedicated to Lee Mirabel, her husband John Sell, and the love that keeps them strong.

Much thanks to Anita Fontana, from Chicago, IL, who is a Professional Speaker, Trainer, Volunteer with Sit, Stay, Read, an Education Specialist and sells Women’s Plus Size Clothingn on eBay.

1950’s Bullet Bra Anyone?

Sock Hop ShopGloria McClain has come up with an absoultely amazing 1950’s Art Bra paying homage to that ‘bullet look’ we all remember from the 1950s TV and movie pictures!  Don’t recall it?  Check out an episode of Laverne & Shirly for a sample, LOL So enjoy this unboxing video of our ‘Nifty Fifties’ Bra:

My eBay ID: glorsstore   
I DO have a separate area for just Fifties — Sock Hop Shop on Bonanzle:

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About My Bra:

I wanted to do something different from everyone else’s, and wanted a ‘theme.’ Deciding upon a ‘fiftie’s-style’ bra, I knew it needed a bullet-style bra as the ‘foundation.’ Ended up being more difficult than originally planned, as far as finding the ‘right’ bra, in ‘like-new’ condition, and locating the bling things.

Hey Bev the Candies Are here!

Our friend and Board Member, Beverly England (known as Samican2 on eBay). Has been one of the most vocal supporters for Bling My Bra since it’s inception in 2009. Bev worked tirelessly last yeas with founder Beth Cherkowsky to promote, promote, promote our cause. And it’s been a blessing to this year’s campaign that she is JUST as active this year! eBay Radio Bra

 Bev is the genius behind last year’s ‘eBay Radio Bra’ and promises a new, improved version this year! 

Last week I received a sweet package from Bev that contained Breast Cancer Awareness mints to include in the

 packages with each Bra that is shipped this year. Just another way Bev wants ALL bidders to know how much we

appreciate their bids and their help – so please BID HIGH AND BID OFTEN on Bling my Bra 2010!

eBay ID/Store: samican2/Grandma Bev’s Stuff
Grandma to many, Assistant organizer of the Chicagoland eBay Seller’s Meet-Up group, and seller of many and varied movies, vintage stuff, and unique finds.

First Package for 2010 Arrives! Kathy Moretti

So much fun getting mail and wanted to share it with y’all!

The Unboxing Video!

The Excitement Has Begun! I received a huge big ole’ brown box just full of exciting bras that were donated last year and will be auctioned off again this year to make even MORE money!

Here is the unedited video 🙂