Who Are Those Crazy Blinging People? by Beth Cherkowsky

Why Are Those Crazy People Blinging Bras? 
And what do they do with the money??

I'll answer #2 first... we donate 100% (not 90 - not 95..ONE HUNDRED percent) to Susan G Komen For The Cure. 

Why?? (You did ask why, right?) Well because..
Every 69 seconds a woman dies of breast cancer.
One in eight Caucasian women will experience Breast cancer

Breast cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer death in women after lung cancer -- and is the leading cause of cancer death among women ages 35 to 54

Last Year: 
Susan G Komen funded 600,000 breast cancer screenings last year
Susan G Komen helped 100,000 people financially thru treatment
Susan G Komen did this in 50 countries around the world.

And we (the folks who are participating, including all the eBay employees Kat strong-armed into blinging bras last week at eBay Headquarters..) would like to think we helped with that last year.  We raised over $5000 last year. Our goal for this year is $10,000.  And YOU can help by donating or by bidding on one of these beautiful, funny, mischievous bras.

The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2009, approximately 192,370 women were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and approximately 40,610 will die. Although these numbers may sound frightening, research reveals that the mortality rate could decrease by 30% if all women age 50 and older who need a mammogram had one.

Only 5% to 10% of breast cancers occur in women with a clearly defined genetic predisposition for the disease. The majority of breast cancer cases are "sporadic," meaning there is no direct family history of the disease. The risk for developing breast cancer increases as a woman ages.

And guys...YOU are NOT SAFE!!  

Breast cancer in men is rare, but it does happen. In 2011, it is estimated that among U.S. men there will be:

2,140 new cases of breast cancer 
450 breast cancer deaths 

We can't spare you so check YOURSELF regularly and bid on an art bra.  The proceeds might help find the cure that saves YOUR life. 

What is an art bra, you ask? (Gosh, you have a lot of questions. But ok, here goes).  Art Bras, as originally found on the internet in 2009 when I started this campaign, are beautiful, or comically, or lovingly decorated bras, that are starched, stiffened, padded and sewn back to front, (for strength) then mounted on a satin hanger or mounted in a shadowbox frame. Some are “in memoriam” of a lost relative or friend who fought breast cancer but succumbed. Some are in memory of a family member who even though they beat breast cancer, they are gone now. Some are just from those of us, who have experienced a close call, or who fought and won (Lee Mirabal, you know who you are..) or some of us who want this disease beaten before our daughters, sisters, moms, grandmoms have to deal with it. ...Remember 1 in 8 women reading this will "experience" breast cancer.  I don't think it's like experiencing a hot air balloon ride or a free fall parachute jump so I don't think it's an experience I want either of my sisters, or any of my sister-in-laws or any female I know to have...so please bid with your hearts and bid to WIN against breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Shoes?

Kelly Osborne, Alexandra Burke and Sophie Ellis Bextor design charity shoes for DPAlexandra Burke Shoes

These fashion mavens have come forward to offer their design skills to raise funds for the fight against Breast Cancer.

The ‘Stand Tall’ collection of charity shoes will be sold for £45, with a very generous £10 going towards Breast Cancer Care with every sale. That’s a great price for shoes that could become collectables, especially with proceeds going to such a good cause.

The shoes themselves reflect the stars’ individual personalities, and are perfect for party season. We particularly love Alexandra Burke’s design; the black sequinned courts shown above, which are just so pretty with their delicate floral pattern. By buying a pair of these shoes you’ll be helping support thousands of women touched by breast cancer, so why not look out for them? They’ll be available in stores from October.

Remember the Families

While we are getting ramped up ‘Blinging’ those bras – we will always keep in mind the families that this horrible diseases touches. Some are stronger than ever, while others have just been devastated with the turmoil caused by dealing with a diagnosis of Breast Cancer.

This is the Dave Winfield family. Dave played major league baseball and was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2001, the very first year he was eligible. Dave lost his mother to Breast Cancer in 1988 and this year, in 2010, is working with Ask.com and the Susan G. Komen Foundation to raise awareness of this disease. Winfield will appear at baseball events throughout 2010, including the Little League World Series where he threw out the first pitch Aug. 23, as part of the campaign.

Dave’s goal is help the foundation extend their reach, educate and motivate people to become aware of breast cancer and what steps they can take — everything from early detection to where to go to find answers. If you go to ask.com/forthecure, you’ll not only find information, but Ask.com will make a contribution to the cause. We’re looking to raise not only awareness for millions of people but raise millions of dollars and Ask.com is making a sizable contribution to make sure that happens.

Hat tip to Beth Cherkowsky for sending in this Article.

There are many faces out there working to raise awareness and we salute them all. Do your part – go “Bling” that bra 🙂

Another Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Click it for Breast Cancer As we prepare for our kick off – I wanted to share a new campaign by a friend of mine – the Consumer Queen. Please check out her program and participate if you can!

Click It for Breast Cancer and Win #ClickIt4BC


I am so excited to announce a campaign that I put together to create Breast Cancer Awareness called  ”Click It” For Breast Cancer. Twelve amazing bloggers will be a part of this campaign and I will be sharing more details with you later!  For now, check out our Facebook pages for updates and find out what amazing prizes we will be giving away at our Twitter Party – over $1400 in prizes so far!  This Campaign is brought to you by ConsumerQueen.com and FastFixin.com.  Fast Fixin’ will be donating a portion of the proceeds from their Specially Marked Chicken Nuggets & Strips bags with pink stickers to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Be sure and head over and check out all the Bloggers participating.  Help join the fight!