All I Want For Christmas Is A Cure by Christine O’Hearn

All I Want For Christmas Is a Cure

All I Want For Christmas Is a Cure by Christine O’Hearn.

All I want for Christmas is a cure and you can help make that possible by bidding on this wonderful holiday themed bra.

A Package adorns each cup and jingle bells chime all along the bottom edge.
Ho ho ho!  You will be at the top of Santa’s list owning this wonderful bra!
Size 34B



This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Christine O’Hearn, who is an eBay employee.   From the artist,  

“Top Seller Account Manager for eBay for several years. I have had the privledge to be a Business Partner and Account Manger to accounts like:

Tracy – Raefielddesigns – Introduced her to Givingworks and MIssionFish.  She is one of my two Sellers that are Case studies for Givingworks.  She was also one of my sellers that participated in the Oct breast cancer awareness campaign several years ago when it first started. Tracy is one of the contenders that I threw the challenge to.  And she responded in force….

Elizabeth – Africadirect.  The other Seller that is also very active in Charity work and a case study.

Brenda Sue – bsue1441.  Brenda is a creative inspiration and very active with her own charity work. Next year she will be one of my contenders.

My passion is working with non-profits that are important to me, as well as the ones that are important to my Sellers.  My commitment stems from my youngest son Nathan being diagnoses with Type 1 diabetes the Christmas before his 3rd birthday.  It changed our lives forever.

We have been living with Diabetes for 7 years and the complications that go with it.  During the first several years of learning to live again after the diagnosis, we had amazing individuals step into our lives and help without being asked.  It was a very humbling period of time in my family’s life. Asking for help has never been a strength of mine. It is because of the challenges we have faced and the amazing individuals that been there that I feel it is extremely important to “Pay it Forward”.

The discussions of  challenges and charities has allowed me the opportunity to be a part of my Seller’s lives and business partner on an entirely different level.  

This event also allowed me to have important conversations with my daughter (17) and her friends, as well as others. Conversations that had a creative humorous note, but an important message that saves lives.

The “Art work” that I contributed to this event are dedicated to several amazing women and their families. One of my seller’s whose personal fight with her daughter’s breast cancer diagnosis this year has impacted me deeply. There are several co-workers that have their own personal diagnosis and fight that they live with every day.  

They are my hero’s. This is my way of opening up conversations on education, personal support, and letting them know that they are not alone.”

Enter the Dragon Fight For the Cure Bra by Christine O’Hearn

Dragon Bra

Enter the Dragon Let’s Fight For a Cure by Christine O’Hearn.
Bruce Lee would be proud to bid on this awesome dragon bra. 
The golden dragons and red flames are surrounded by red and gold rhinestone bling.


This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Christine O’Hearn, who is an eBay employee.


If You Believe In a Cure Clap Your Hands by Christine O’Hearn

Tinker Bell Bra Set

If You Believe in the Cure Clap Your Hands by Christine O’Hearn.
Just Believe… believe that we can find a cure for breast cancer!  This fairy bra creation has sheer purple wings and sheer purple fabric over a pink 34Cbra.
Little sparkles are placed in all the right places too!
This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Christine O’Hearn, who is an eBay employee

Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Towel Bra by Christine O’Hearn

Terrible Towel Bra Set

Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Towel For the Cure by Christine O’Hearn.

WOW! Winner of this auction gets an OFFICIAL Terrible Towel with BLING – the jewels are added to the official Steeler logo on the towel – really neat!
Super Bowl XLIII February 1, 2009, Tampa Bay Florida
Bra is a 34C Black Lace which is blinged with the Steelers Logo!
This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Christine O’Hearn, who is an eBay employee


Dixie Daly & Vickie Conley We are all Princesses Bra SIGNED Nancy Brinker

Princess Nancy BraWe Are All Princesses AKA Princess Nancy Bra by Dixie Daly.  

This bra is Autographed by the fairest Princess of them all, Head Princess, Nancy G Brinker, founder and CEO of Susan G Komen for the Cure as well as sister of Susa G Komen, how cool is that! 

Nancy launched this Global Movement to end Breast Cancer.

Dixie Daly met with Nancy while she was in Denver on October 6th for the Race for the Cure event.  

This is a White Lace bra, there are 4 hooks on the back panel, 3 way adjustable back. We have Pink Bling outlining the bra, also the straps with shades of pink fabric bling flowers. Also includes your own personal Princess sign with a pink ribbon hanger and the Glittery Pink Ballerina Slippers ornament.  

Ardyss Brand, size 32 H, retail price $50.

Nancy Brinker

This bra was a collaborative effort, made with love from many princesses. What an awesome group of women in Northern Colorado that came together to participate. Participants were:

Vicki Conley – Club Sea Breeze Escapes

Dixie Daly – Tickled Pink Boutique

Melodie Janzen – Passion Parties Consultant

Stacy Jones – Colorado Mold Service

Maureen Radice – Simply Toffee

Robbie Emge – Swapping Closets

Roxanna Tyler – Tyler Systems, LLC

Angela Hosman  – Reliv

Janene Hoffman Donates Rock ‘n Pair Bra with Hard Rock Cafe Pins eBay Live 2007

Rock 'n Pair Bra

Rock ‘n Pair by Janene Hoffman.

This Bra is adorned with a full set of Hard Rock Café Special edition eBay live 2007 Pins. 
The set is 5 guitar pins on with a spinning eBay logo.  
It is perfect for the Rock n’ Roll junkie. 
It is Black with Pink fringe and in addition to these hard to find set of pins it sparkles with gems. 
That’s right folks it is bejeweled.

This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Janene Hoffman, who is an eBay employee.
From the artist, “My name is Janene Hoffman.  I go by Hoff most of the time. I work for eBay and spend most of my free time remodeling my home.  I always have some project going on, my house is one big constant project.  This is the last time I buy a home that “has potential”.  I kid, I really do love taking something old and making it new or finding a use for it again.”

Amy Skeeter-Behrens Donates Candy Store Edible Bra


Candy Store Bra

Candy Necklace Bra by Amy Skeeter-Behrens

Totally edible!  Too cute! Fun and funny gift for anyone.

Remember those candy necklaces from when you were little? 
Well, this is the adult version in more ways than one! 
Not only is it edible (and perhaps perfect as a burning man outfit?), it supports a great cause that takes the lives of more than 40,000 women and men every year. 
Help fight breast cancer by bidding on this wonderful creation.
Size small  Amy Skeeter-Behrens

This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Amy Skeeter-Behrens, who is an eBay employee.
From the Artist: “I manage the eBay Giving Works program and have been at eBay 6 years.  I enjoy learning Portuguese, improving my Spanish, doing triathlons from time to time, and supporting great causes.  🙂 “


Susan Sorensen eBay Trust and Safety Donates Faith, Hope & Love Bra

Faith Hope and Love Bra

The Sweetest Things AKA Faith, Hope & Love by Susan Sorensen of.

Fantastic Tie Dyed Bra is decorated with Faith, Hope & Love angels.
Size 36C
This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Susan Sorensen, who is an eBay employee in the Trust and Safety Department.
 Susan Sorensen

2010 eBay Radio Bra is MUSICAL! the eNotes Perform

eBay Radio Bra

The Official eBay Radio Bra from Uncle Griff & Lee Mirabal.

The 2nd Annual eBay Radio bra is New & Improved! This year’s version features ‘squeeze the boob’ technology. Sound piece inserted into right boob plays a short section of ‘We All Love eBay’ by the eNotes for your musical entertainment.
Bra sports Authentic Autographs from BOTH show stars, Jim Griffith and Lee Mirabal, a functioning antenna and the ubiquitous knob for adjusting, well, just for adjusting.
Bra is a black size 34C. eBay Radio Logo

This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Valerie Faber, our official Bra Artist for Bling My Bra 2010, and sponsored by both Jim Griffith (AKA uncle Griff) and Lee Mirabal (Griff’s long-suffering co-host).
Find the SECRET WORD in this listing and receive a BONUS Duck prize with your win!



Dru Tidwell, Survivor, Donates Pink Ribbons to Support the Cause Bra

Pink Ribbons Bra

Pink Ribbons to Support the Cause by Dru Tidwell.

Classic and gorgeous – even it’s own logo. No size as tag has been removed by the artist.
Dru Tidwell

This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Dru Tidwell, who is an eBay employee.
From the Artist: “I am a Breast Cancer Survivor, diagnosed in Oct 2007, treated in 2007/2008. I had no history of Breast Cancer in my Family. 
I have worked at eBay for 9 years and enjoy working with Vehicle Sellers on eBay Motors! 
I love the outdoors, glorious Wasatch mountains, golf, river-kayaking, and outdoor concerts.”