A 34-Year Survivor Speaks Out ~ by Lee Mirabal

On November 5th, 1979, I underwent a mastectomy for breast cancer. That was 34 years ago. Research for breast cancer was not on the radar of many experts, and insurance companies refused to cover the cost of breast reconstruction.

Although there have been some advances since then, including more treatments that allow a woman to keep her breasts, it is not enough. We must keep vigilant to make sure our daughters and sisters (and some men) do not have to go through the ordeal that is breast cancer.

Bling My Bra is a grassroots effort by a group of dedicated eBay Sellers, gathered around the eBay Radio player, who have borne, nurtured and organized this entire effort. My bra’s off to them!

Gloria’s Bra – A GHOST is helping us!! Bra #25

So my friend Bev England – who sells on eBay as Samican or Grandma Bev’s lost her mom to Breast Cancer quite a while back.  And when we started this campaign Bev jumped in whole-heartedly.  She’s worked her fingers, computer keyboard and camera to the bone for 3 campaigns now, listing, promoting, calling people and strong-arming celebrities to sign bras (and ebay people.  Ebay employees know better than to show up in Chicago in September or October without a pen.


This year Bev is listing about 25 bras and as she got to the last one last night… well here is her version


Here’s the Bra  Scheduled to start on 10/4 8am Pacific time



Bling My Bra Gloria Georgy Vladimirov Perl Hacker Breast Cancer Hot Pink 34 B


Made by “Perl Hacker”


Bling My Bra – Gloria

This bra was created by Georgy Vladimirov, a Perl Hacker who cares about social causes.

Per Georgy …. This is a “second date” bra. Gloria like to be paired with pink thongs and garters. Let Gloria remind you about all brave women fighting breast cancer. Happy Bidding!

The bra is hot pink and is decorated with silver and blue beading / rhinestones.

The bra is a 34 B.

Still can’t believe that this was the last bra I listed. My mom’s name is Gloria Mae Neumann England.  And as I said before, Bev’s mom died of Breast Cancer

Is That a Giant Bra Outside of Dallas City Hall?


Co-creator Leslie Ezelle with "You Can't Strap a Good Woman Down"

Is That a Giant Bra Outside of Dallas City Hall?

It’s fixin’ to be, as we say here in Texas. Because You Can’t Strap a Good Woman Down — and Dallas now has the Big D cups to prove it. Here’s the story, as told on September 19, 2011, by Leslie Minora at blogs.dallasobserver.com:

It’s not often you see an undergarment fashioned out of recycled twisted metal into a beautiful sculpture that’s sturdy enough for children to climb on like monkey bars. But if you happened to be in Dallas’ West Village on Saturday afternoon, in the plaza between Mi Cocina and Magnolia Theatre, you would have seen a pink-laden celebration with the huge (13 by 14 feet, to be exact) metal brassiere as the centerpiece.

The unveiling of the bra, by local sculptor George Tobolowsky and former Cowboys cheerleader, HGTV Design Star contestant, and breast cancer survivor Leslie Ezelle, drew attention to the Dallas County affiliate of the Susan G. Komen foundation.

“This is all about breast cancer, and destruction, and the rebuilding back,” Tobolowsky said of the bra with the pointy “Madonna look”.

“He let me work on it,” added Ezelle (pictured here with the giant bra), who drew a sketch that inspired the sculpture. The initial drawing had the bra standing vertically — but, said Tobolowsky, “A 2,000-pound bra…needs to be on the ground.”

Did he ever imagine himself fashioning a giant bra from recycled metal? “Maybe when I was younger, but not at my age,” the artist said. Ezelle hopes they can build a platform for the bra that reads, “You Can’t Strap a Good Woman Down.”

“I don’t do pink; I don’t do breast cancer,” said Ezelle. The cancer survivor and interior designer said she would like to have her own reality show, “the real modern family,” she said, referencing life with her partner, four children, plenty of pets, and a massive renovation of their home. The premise would be something like “living through construction and not killing your partner,” she said. It would showcase her penchant for interior design in the midst of her busy life.

The cast of upcoming reality show The A List: Dallas showed up and mingled at the event. They even joined many more in the crowd as they wrote messages on pink bras and threw them onto a nearby tree, uniquely adorning it as nearby diners watched.

On October 3, the bra will be relocated to City Hall, where the mayor and city staff will have the same view currently enjoyed by Mi Cocina patrons and West Village passersby.

Design Ideas

Thought maybe some of our ‘would-be’ bra artists could use some encouragement to Get Started!

Anyone Up for a BARNEY Bra?

eBay Radio LogoOn Ebay RAdio on August 19th of this year our ever vigilant Bev England (AKA SamiCan on eBay) called in to promote our Bling my Bra Campaign and got us a new recruit.

Joe Boxer Purple Green BraListener Tom of eBay Store Black & Gold Gifts offered a special Bling My Bra discount. Buy this ‘ugly bra’ as it was termed on the show for 8.99 with free shipping and mention BLINGMYBRA and get $4 off AND free shipping. So, for you artists out there – can you see a bra based on Barney colors? I can – so go snatch one (or more) up at this amazing price and Tom, Thank you for your support!  Can I get that in a bright ‘Barney’ Purple next?  🙂

More Press Mentions – Thank you Marsha Collier!

Thanks for the press Marsha – We appreciate it!

“Bling” your bras and donate them to help raise money for breast cancer awareness and research during the second annual Bling My Bra campaign. If you don’t want to bling a bra, you can purchase a one-of-a-kind bra during October, (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) to benefit the Susan G. Komen For the Cure organization.

If you’d like to design and  donate a bra, contact Bling My Bra and mail their decorated garments so volunteers can list the items and auction them off through eBay Giving Works. Participants are encouraged to e-mail the organization with a two-line bio, photos of their creations, the name of their bras and a description of the items to be used in the listings.


Peacock Bra

The Unboxing Video!

The Excitement Has Begun! I received a huge big ole’ brown box just full of exciting bras that were donated last year and will be auctioned off again this year to make even MORE money!

Here is the unedited video 🙂

Other Bra Art Sites

Bling My Bra for eBay began in 2009 and so did another group.

Here is another version of raising money to fight breast cancer by auctioning Art Bras! This one is from the Denver, CO area!  You can click on the logo to visit their Gallery of Bras for more ideas but I picked one to share here.

Early BirdThis is called ‘The Early Bird’ and I thought it was pretty amazing.  Here is what the Artist has to say:

Brittany Baker, designer

“This project not only sounded like a ton of fun, but I also really wanted to participate to help raise funds for breast research and education because every little bit helps!

I named my bra ‘The Early Bird’ to remind people that early detection of that ugly little worm we call cancer, can help save many lives.”

*This bra features a working clock!   Meet the Artist

This website gave me some great ideas for our own site and I hope you can find some ideas for your own bra art here!

How to make a Bra Purse!

Bling my Bra is all about ART BRAS and ‘blinging’ an ordinary bra to turn it into a work of art. But this interesting Wiki Article talks about how to turn a bra into a purse. Thanks to Beth Cherkowsky for sending this in. I thought it might interest our donors and maybe give our artists a few ideas!

Bra PurseStop tossing out your old bras. Instead save them and create this handy and useful Bra Purse. A padded one made with more stability, but any bra – from the smallest (make a change purse) to the largest will work just fine!

Here is a link to the whole Wiki Article