Breeze Comfort Bras Donated

Breeze Comfort

Bling my Bra 2011 would like to say a huge thank you to Breeze Comfort, an amazing intimate apparel brand who has introduced amazing bras with Ventipad, which is a revolutionary invention in bra pad technology created for the ultimate breathabilty.




Breeze Comfort Bra


Breeze Comfort donated two of their amazing bras and each are blinged to perfection!  They will be up for Auction on October 1, 2011 at our eBay Store.


The Women from Pistol & Stamen, which is the PR firm representing Breeze Comfort, put together this amazing video showing the  work on the bras – enjoy!


Breeze Comfort Bras




First Bra Arrives!

Check out the very first arrival for our Bling My Bra 2011 Fundraising Campaign!



Bring your friends to bid on eBay starting October 1, 2011~

Pistol & Stamen Step Up for Bling My Bra 2011

Pistol & Stamen We are So Excited to announce a brand new contributor to Bling My Bra 2011. Pistol & Stamen is a multi-faceted, full-service, strategic marketing and brand management agency, with national and international reach spanning not only New York and Los Angeles, but Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, London, Paris, Tokyo, and beyond.

Pistol & Stamen specializes in High Profile fashion, beauty, health, fitness, entertainment and lifestyle brands. They also focus on Celebrity Branding by aligning their clients with key celebrities, stylists, and key media personalities. We are so very honored to have them as contributors to our 2011 Bling My Bra campaign and eagerly await their TWO donated Art Bras which are on their way to Bling My Bra Headquarters South via FedEX. We’ll be sure to update y’all as soon as they arrive!








I’ll Fly Away is In the Mail!

I'll Fly Away Bra

Isn’t it Just Gorgeous?  And it is the first Bra that is “In The Mail” already for our 2011 Campaign!


I’ll Fly Away is a confection of butterflies and pastel colors designed and crafted by Rhoda Marchica in Memory Of Marie Rambo, a dear friend of Rhoda’s Mother who lost her battle with Breast Cancer recently.

You can find Rhoda on eBay as rho210 – please stop by and thank her for her creativity and compassion!