Carol Thomas of StraySpay Donates 4WD Bra


 ”Carol Thomas of Strayspay has created this amazing piece of art we call Over The Shoulder Colorado Boulder Holder!
 Over-the-shoulder Colorado Boulder Holder You know you’ve heard that phrase and large or small, this bra can move them all!  This is a tongue in cheek tribute to people who like to take their 4WD vehicles off-roading. If you look closely at the extra pictures you’ll see that the artist of this bra added 2 diecast 4WD vehicles to the bra along with the saying: “Large or Small We Climb The All – Colorado Boulder Holder” This bra is permanently fastened to the hanger you see in the picture and is constructed for wall hanging. This would make an amazing humorous accessory to an auto dealership or customization shop.

Bid now on eBay!

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