Carl Docton BigCop499 Donates Undercover Cop Bra

undercover Cop BraCarl Docton donated this amazingly creative endeavor and we are very grateful!

Bling My Bra Undercover Cop Handcuffs Sheriff Badge – Breast Cancer Under Arrest

Calling all bidders, we need to put breast cancer under arrest by making the price soar on this wonderful Sheriff’s bra by Carl Docton.
Ready to go on patrol complete with handcuffs, walkie talkie, patches and badges!
There’s a new sheriff in town and she’s wearing a blue 40C bra by George.



This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Carl Docton, who is known as bigcop499 here on eBay.
Why the name BigCop499? Well, BigCop is a Master Deputy Sheriff who was also a K9 Handler for 13yrs.
When he would come home from work the little boy across the street would ask him, “Hey Big Cop what did you do today?” He would tell the little boy and the little boy would go back to playing with a smile on his face.
After that day, BigCop499 would refer to the little boy as “Little Cop”. Car 499 was his patrol car at the time they started eBay. So that is how BigCop499 got his name.
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