A 34-Year Survivor Speaks Out ~ by Lee Mirabal

On November 5th, 1979, I underwent a mastectomy for breast cancer. That was 34 years ago. Research for breast cancer was not on the radar of many experts, and insurance companies refused to cover the cost of breast reconstruction.

Although there have been some advances since then, including more treatments that allow a woman to keep her breasts, it is not enough. We must keep vigilant to make sure our daughters and sisters (and some men) do not have to go through the ordeal that is breast cancer.

Bling My Bra is a grassroots effort by a group of dedicated eBay Sellers, gathered around the eBay Radio player, who have borne, nurtured and organized this entire effort. My bra’s off to them!

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  • Carolyn

    There are still uninsured or under insured women who can’t afford the cost of breast reconstruction. To that end, cancer survivor Alisa Savoretti founded My Hope Chest in 2003. Alisa was only 38 when she was diagnosed. She performed on the Las Vegas Strip, calling herself the “Lopsided Showgirl”. Her showgirl days are over but her work continues from her home in Florida. So if you have any “lopsided” friends, please share this with them.