Bling My Bra Party at Hyde’s Cafe in Spring, Texas

Spring, Texas, is a very small town…so when word went out from Belinda Hyde at Hyde’s Café that a Bling My Bra party was in the works, the town’s women turned up by the dozens to hand craft one-of-a-kind art bras for October’s Bling My Bra charity campaign on eBay, benefiting Susan G. Komen for the Cure in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Melinda Jackson and I (eBetsy) drove down from Dallas for the event. Well, she drove; I just hung out in the passenger seat and got to enjoy her wi-fi-a-go-go. It was quite a treat to be able to listen to eBay Radio enroute and let our Super Secret Chat Board pals know where we were and what we were doing!

We stopped in Panorama Village to pick up Trish, whose sister is married to Dallas Cowboy legend and Football Hall of Famer Randy White. Thanks to Melinda’s promotion of Bling My Bra, Trish created a Dallas Cowboys Bra that Randy White is signing for the cause. Her bra is exquisite: It’s actually a white long-line strapless bra (like a bustier, but longer) decked out in swirls of pink and white rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, glittery blue and white stars, and blue marabou trim. The Dallas Cowgirls cheerleaders should only be so beautifully dressed! There’s a pink crystal star on each cup and a pink ribbon in between them. After we finished our initial admiration of her gorgeous bra, Trish grabbed her box of crafting materials, and we hit the road again for the short drive to Spring.

Welcome to Hyde's Café, the hottest spot in Spring, TX!

When we arrived in Spring, the party was in full swing. It looked like MJDesigns had exploded inside the small, one-room cafe: Every possible color of glitter, feathers, rhinestones, flowers, fringe, ribbon, beads, and froufrou was set up on a long table; and everywhere we looked, there were women of all ages with hot glue guns in their hands, blinging bras. This was actually the second Bling My Bra party at Hyde Cafe, so there was also a wall full of bras from the first party.

And that wall wasn’t empty to begin with. Hyde’s Cafe is a true down-home Texas kind of place, and its crowded walls bespeak years of tradition as a popular town hangout. One entire wall holds an amazing floor-to-ceiling collection of vintage license plates from every state in the union, and the remaining walls are crowded with team pictures, Texas-style artwork, and other memorabilia. They serve cold beer and wine, hamburgers and a few other goodies — that day’s special was Belinda’s homemade chicken salad — and their onion rings are to die for. Belinda introduced us around, then we ordered up some sustenance before we joined in the fun.

Here we are: the women of Bling My Bra at Hyde's Cafe!

Let me just say that I have one word to describe the good ladies of Spring, Texas: CREATIVE. These women blinged up a storm, with everything from flowers and feathers to leather and chains and every kind of glittery festive in between. They made a motorcycle mama bra with a SURVIVOR metal tag in between its looped chains, a Christmas bra dusted sprinkled with fairy dust, a bride and groom Just Married bra…camouflage bras, leopard print bras, every color of the rainbow. The town hairdresser festooned her bead-bedecked pink, purple, and white bra with a tiny blow dryer, hairbrush, and mirror. The bride and groom bra was hand sewn by Rebecca, a fellow eBayer who first dreamed up the idea for the party.

While the rest of us were blinging, Melinda circulated taking pictures and video, and we all posed for group shots as well (with Belinda’s husband, David, helping us to model our bras). By the time the cafe closed for the night, more than three dozen fabulous bras were blinged for the cause, and a great time was had by all.

Here we are at Hyde's Cafe: eBetsy, Melinda, and proprietress Belinda!

Many thanks to Belinda Hyde and Rebecca and the ladies of Hyde’s Cafe in Spring, Texas, for their HUGE contribution to the success of Bling My Bra 2010!

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