Betsy Bolger and John Mott Donate eBra 2.0

eBra 2.0

Introducing eBetsy’s eBra 2.0

This is the 2010 Bling My Bra E-Bra created and donated by Ebetsy.   There is nothing like an array of Ebay colors of red, blue, green and yellow to brighten any attire, but this one takes the prize! 
Complete with Ebayana pins on each cup to “point” out the message that even Ebay is behind finding a cure!
The story behind the eBra is this: it’s made of silk rose petals in eBay colors, individually hand applied with loving care. The silk rose petals were purchased from the eBayana category @ eBay Germany. What caught my eye was the title, which included the words “eBay Farben”. That was the only part of it that I could translate, but I knew it meant “eBay colors” and the picture told me the rest (that, and a quick run through Babelfish). The eBay logos embellishing each tip were purchased at and are actually meant to go on a pair of Crocs.

TexAnna's ALL*Store Log

This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Betsy Bolger and Jon Monjott, who are known as monjott here on eBay. Please visit their eBay store TexAnna’s ALL*STORE

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