Beatriz Montoya Unmask Breast Cancer Masquerade mask

Unmask Mardi Gras BraDonated by Beatriz Montoya, this bra BLINGS with Mardi Gras Spirit!

Born and raised in El Salvador, now residing at the eBay Headquarters in San Jose, CA.  I like going to bookstores but I cannot finish reading a book to save my life.  I love sushi, a glass of wine and I will try anything once.  There’s nothing worse than stubbing your toe against the corner of your bed.  Family, friends, and sushi make me happy. Beatriz Montoya

What better way to attract attention than to put anything and everything that shines, shimmers and blings! My inspiration was simply to support this amazing campaign to “Bling My Bra”, and all the million breast cancer survivors .  This bra is for you!

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