Bakelite Johnny Donates Welcome To the Dollhouse Bra

BakeliteJohnny Bra

Welcome To The Dollhouse by BakeliteJohnny.

Our store Bakelite Johnny created this whimsical bra adorned with 1970s vintage plastic dolls, 60s flower shoe clips, and more. 
A leopard-print, kitschy smorgasbord, this bra represents the theme of our eBay store, which is the celebration of fun accessories from past decades. 
Bakelite Johnny created a bra that would attract attention to the cause of Fighting Breast Cancer.
Bakelite Johnny Logo

This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Tracy Janik, who is known as bakelitejohnny here on eBay. Please visit her eBay store Bakelite Johnny’s
 BakeliteJohnny is an eBay store specializing in vintage costume jewelry, including bakelite pieces, vintage plastics, and other quirky fashion accessories.

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