AS WAS Donates Consulting Time with Bra!

As Was BraFirst, Debbie Levitt made this awesome bra and THEN she wowed us by adding Two Hours of her Consulting time to the winner!  I predict this auction will go high, high, high so bid early for your best shot!

“The As Was blinged bra for 2010 was hand made by As Was CEO Debbie Levitt. Armed with only a silver glitter paint pen, some glue, a paint brush, and mountains of gold and purple glitter, Debbie spent hours painstakingly filling in the colors and design of the well-known As Was logo. Finishing off this piece is one of the last few As Was
pins from eBay Live events from the past.

This auction is special because it also includes two hours of free consulting time with Debbie. Whether you’re an eBay, online seller, or business looking to have some sort of internet presence, she’s happy to give some of her time for free.
We can talk about selling online, marketing, branding… anything that fit’s into Debbie’s 15+ years of expertise.”

As Was Logo

Founded in 1995, As Was is a full-service consulting firm specializing in branding, design, sales and marketing strategies, and business operations management for eBay sellers, online sellers, and any business looking for a strong and unique online presence. Best known for their custom and effective eBay listing templates and Store designs, As Was has also been building websites for over 15 years. For more information, please visit,
call 520.204.1935, or join our Facebook page at

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