Anyone Up for a BARNEY Bra?

eBay Radio LogoOn Ebay RAdio on August 19th of this year our ever vigilant Bev England (AKA SamiCan on eBay) called in to promote our Bling my Bra Campaign and got us a new recruit.

Joe Boxer Purple Green BraListener Tom of eBay Store Black & Gold Gifts offered a special Bling My Bra discount. Buy this ‘ugly bra’ as it was termed on the show for 8.99 with free shipping and mention BLINGMYBRA and get $4 off AND free shipping. So, for you artists out there – can you see a bra based on Barney colors? I can – so go snatch one (or more) up at this amazing price and Tom, Thank you for your support!  Can I get that in a bright ‘Barney’ Purple next?  🙂

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