Amy Skeeter-Behrens Donates Candy Store Edible Bra


Candy Store Bra

Candy Necklace Bra by Amy Skeeter-Behrens

Totally edible!  Too cute! Fun and funny gift for anyone.

Remember those candy necklaces from when you were little? 
Well, this is the adult version in more ways than one! 
Not only is it edible (and perhaps perfect as a burning man outfit?), it supports a great cause that takes the lives of more than 40,000 women and men every year. 
Help fight breast cancer by bidding on this wonderful creation.
Size small  Amy Skeeter-Behrens

This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Amy Skeeter-Behrens, who is an eBay employee.
From the Artist: “I manage the eBay Giving Works program and have been at eBay 6 years.  I enjoy learning Portuguese, improving my Spanish, doing triathlons from time to time, and supporting great causes.  🙂 “


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