Amy Millington Donates the Boogie Wonderbra

Boogie Wonderbra

This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Amy Millington, an eBay employee, California girl & new mom with a fondness for ice cream, scrabble, and all things Martha.

Amy Millington

Boogie Wonderbra.

The Boogie Wonderbra is my homage to one of the bright and shining moments in music and fashion history… the disco era. 
So many of the songs from that period have, shall we say, uplifting messages. 
My goal is to raise ‘More, More, More’ money for cancer programs and research to find a cure.
Because ‘We Are Family’ and when breast cancer affects one person, it affects us all.
I hope that someday soon, every woman diagnosed with breast cancer will be able to say ‘I Will Survive’, and mean it!

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