All I Want For Christmas Is A Cure by Christine O’Hearn

All I Want For Christmas Is a Cure

All I Want For Christmas Is a Cure by Christine O’Hearn.

All I want for Christmas is a cure and you can help make that possible by bidding on this wonderful holiday themed bra.

A Package adorns each cup and jingle bells chime all along the bottom edge.
Ho ho ho!  You will be at the top of Santa’s list owning this wonderful bra!
Size 34B



This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Christine O’Hearn, who is an eBay employee.   From the artist,  

“Top Seller Account Manager for eBay for several years. I have had the privledge to be a Business Partner and Account Manger to accounts like:

Tracy – Raefielddesigns – Introduced her to Givingworks and MIssionFish.  She is one of my two Sellers that are Case studies for Givingworks.  She was also one of my sellers that participated in the Oct breast cancer awareness campaign several years ago when it first started. Tracy is one of the contenders that I threw the challenge to.  And she responded in force….

Elizabeth – Africadirect.  The other Seller that is also very active in Charity work and a case study.

Brenda Sue – bsue1441.  Brenda is a creative inspiration and very active with her own charity work. Next year she will be one of my contenders.

My passion is working with non-profits that are important to me, as well as the ones that are important to my Sellers.  My commitment stems from my youngest son Nathan being diagnoses with Type 1 diabetes the Christmas before his 3rd birthday.  It changed our lives forever.

We have been living with Diabetes for 7 years and the complications that go with it.  During the first several years of learning to live again after the diagnosis, we had amazing individuals step into our lives and help without being asked.  It was a very humbling period of time in my family’s life. Asking for help has never been a strength of mine. It is because of the challenges we have faced and the amazing individuals that been there that I feel it is extremely important to “Pay it Forward”.

The discussions of  challenges and charities has allowed me the opportunity to be a part of my Seller’s lives and business partner on an entirely different level.  

This event also allowed me to have important conversations with my daughter (17) and her friends, as well as others. Conversations that had a creative humorous note, but an important message that saves lives.

The “Art work” that I contributed to this event are dedicated to several amazing women and their families. One of my seller’s whose personal fight with her daughter’s breast cancer diagnosis this year has impacted me deeply. There are several co-workers that have their own personal diagnosis and fight that they live with every day.  

They are my hero’s. This is my way of opening up conversations on education, personal support, and letting them know that they are not alone.”

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