Alex Lobos Donates Spanish Princess Bra

Spanish Princess Bra

Spanish Princess.

My sister helped me decorate this bra.  She has beaded everything from wedding dresses to shoes and normally charges for these services but when I told her that this was for the fight against breast cancer she was more than willing to help me create this beautiful piece.  
I hope whoever wins this bra enjoys it for how beautiful it is and feels pride for helping the fight against breast cancer. 
Monica, Thanks for donating your time and materials
This is the bra a Hispanic princess would wear to support the fight against breast cancer.



This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Alex Lobos, who is an eBay employee.
I am a 5-year eBay Motors employee. 
Over the years with eBay I have gotten the opportunity to support many different causes and when the opportunity to help support breast cancer came up, I knew it was something I wanted to support. 
Several years ago, my favorite sister-in-law won her battle with breast cancer and I am very proud of her! 
Today she does what she can to support others and I am following her example.  You’re doing a great job, Rosie.  Keep it up!


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