Kat’s Kloset Newsletter

This week I’d like to tell you what’s coming up with the Bling My Bra campaign on eBay. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and last year a dear friend of mine, Beth Cherkowsky, of Depression Glass Warehouse, had a great idea! She collected ‘Art Bras’ and ‘Theme Bras’ from artists and designers around the USA and auctioned them off, donating a full 100% of the sales. . . . → Read More: Kat’s Kloset Newsletter

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-26

@SocialNetNanny no need to include the hanger unless you wish and I can' t WAIT to see it after your hints 🙂 in reply to SocialNetNanny # RT @KarenLocker: The #blingmybra Daily is out! http://bit.ly/aFLUOe ▸ Top stories today by @BlingMyBra @KarenLocker # RT @MisterBigfoot: Follow Friday @UncleJoeRadio @KabbageInc @Outright @BlingMyBra @buriedbybooks @WatchCount . . . → Read More: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-26

Design Ideas

Thought maybe some of our ‘would-be’ bra artists could use some encouragement to Get Started!

. . . → Read More: Design Ideas

Anita Fontana Dedicates her Bra to Lee Mirabel and husband John Sell

Here is what Anita wrote in her enclosed note: “This bra is dedicated to Lee Mirabel, her husband John Sell, and the love that keeps them strong. . . . → Read More: Anita Fontana Dedicates her Bra to Lee Mirabel and husband John Sell

First Ever Bling My Bra Party Hyde’s Cafe

Many thanks to Belinda Hollis Hyde, owner of Hyde’s Cafe in Spring, Texas for hosting the first ever Bling My Bra party!

You can see all the pics on the Hyde Cafe Facebook page.

Belinda posted a whole album of fantastic photos in this album.

It looks like 20+ bras came from that party, . . . → Read More: First Ever Bling My Bra Party Hyde’s Cafe

Double-D anyone?

Peanut is an avid bra hunter. She has been known to drag her “kill” outside so everyoone in the neighborhood can see!

Too cute not to share 🙂

1950’s Bullet Bra Anyone?

Gloria McClain has come up with an absoultely amazing 1950’s Art Bra paying homage to that ‘bullet look’ we all remember from the 1950s TV and movie pictures! Don’t recall it? Check out an episode of Laverne & Shirly for a sample, LOL So enjoy this unboxing video of our ‘Nifty Fifties’ Bra: . . . → Read More: 1950’s Bullet Bra Anyone?

2010 third Press Release Sept 21 2010

Excitement is Building for Bling My Bra 2010

Volunteers are hard at work creating handcrafted one-of-a-kind themed art bras for Bling My Bra 2010, a series of eBay Giving Works auctions whose proceeds will benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The auctions will be held throughout October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness . . . → Read More: 2010 third Press Release Sept 21 2010

Hey Bev the Candies Are here!

Our friend and Board Member, Beverly England (known as Samican2 on eBay). Has been one of the most vocal supporters for Bling My Bra since it’s inception in 2009. Bev worked tirelessly last yeas with founder Beth Cherkowsky to promote, promote, promote our cause. And it’s been a blessing to this year’s campaign that she is JUST as active this year! . . . → Read More: Hey Bev the Candies Are here!

Snakmann Strikes Again

Nathan Webster, AKA Snakmann, wins the award for the FIRST bra to arrive for Bling my Bra 2010 – Nathan, you win our THANK YOU gift of, um . . . thank you 🙂 We appreciate your donation and just to tease all those who are eager to start bidding (Not till October!) I’ve made this video to feature the Unboxing of “Smart Duckies Save the Ta-Ta’s” . . . → Read More: Snakmann Strikes Again