2010 eBay Radio Bra is MUSICAL! the eNotes Perform

eBay Radio Bra

The Official eBay Radio Bra from Uncle Griff & Lee Mirabal.

The 2nd Annual eBay Radio bra is New & Improved! This year’s version features ‘squeeze the boob’ technology. Sound piece inserted into right boob plays a short section of ‘We All Love eBay’ by the eNotes for your musical entertainment.
Bra sports Authentic Autographs from BOTH show stars, Jim Griffith and Lee Mirabal, a functioning antenna and the ubiquitous knob for adjusting, well, just for adjusting.
Bra is a black size 34C. eBay Radio Logo

This beautiful Bra was designed and made by Valerie Faber, our official Bra Artist for Bling My Bra 2010, and sponsored by both Jim Griffith (AKA uncle Griff) and Lee Mirabal (Griff’s long-suffering co-host).
Find the SECRET WORD in this listing and receive a BONUS Duck prize with your win!



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