2010 Board of Directors

Meet the 2010 Bling My Bra Board of Directors

Seller of the old, the weird, and the wonderful online for 12 years
eBay ID/Store: udderlygoodfstuff/Udderly Good Stuff

BETSIE BOLGER (TX)Better known on eBay and eBay Radio as eBetsy, Betsie Bolger is a former professional equestrian and journalist turned full-time eBayer. She is an eBay Education Specialist, scriptwriter for eBay Radio, and Top 100 eBay Reviewer who sells on eBay as monjott (TexAnna’s All Store) and acquisator (The Acquisatory).
eBay ID/Store: monjott/TexAnna’s All*Store
eBay ID/Store: acquisator/The Acquisatory


eBay ID/Store: woadieland/Depression Glass Warehouse

Grandma to many, assistant organizer of the Chicagoland eBay Seller’s Meetup group, and seller of many and varied movies, vintage stuff, and unique finds.
eBay ID/Store: samican2/Grandma Bev’s Stuff

Marlene is a social Media and internet marketing strategist, eBay Certified Business Consultant, blogger and professional podcaster
Website: The Savvy Seller
Radio Show: Tips From the Top

MELINDA JACKSON (TX)Melinda is the president of eCommerce Merchants Dallas-Ft. Worth ECMTA Chapter and host of The River the Ranch and the Bay podcast on TalkShoe. Education Specialist trained by eBay, avid eBay Radio fan, presenter at the annual eBay Radio Party!
eBay ID/Store: galleriagifts/Galleria Gifts
Radio Show: The River, The Ranch & The Bay

Mom of 3 awesome kids. Online purveyor of cool stuff at my eBay Store. Specializing in vintage sewing patterns, exclusive digital scrapbooking kits, and graphic design services. Creator of Bling My Bra logo and graphics.
eBay ID/Store: kaycee_studios/KayCee Studios
Blog: KayCee Studios

eBay ID/Store: mommysbazaar1/Mommy’s Bazaar

LEE MIRABAL (CA)Lee Mirabal’s 40+ year career as a radio professional has included gigs at top stations around the nation and interviews with a gamut of celebrities as well as her own talk shows: she is the cohost of eBay Radio — the world’s longest running professionally produced internet radio show — and sells voiceovers and scriptwriting on eBay as sellvoice (voice_marketing).
Website: Voicemarketing.com
eBay ID/Store: sellvoice/voice_marketing

An eBay Certified Business Consultant, Education Specialist, and author who teaches throughout the Northwest.
eBay ID/Store: clovercity/Clover City Sells
Blog: Clover City-Education Specialist
Website: Web Seller’s Circle

KAT SIMPSON (AL) It’s all about women for Kat Simpson, founder and chief instigator at Kat’s Kloset Women’s Boutique.
eBay ID/Store: katskloset/ Kat’s Kloset Women’s Boutique
Blog: Kat’s Kloset Women
 of Directors!

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